Calculate tips and split bills in restaurants

There are lots of tip calculators for the Palm out there. Some are very complex. Others require you to enter data using graffiti or the keypad. All of the others assume you always know how much to tip. Not anymore. TipQwik makes the whole process of calculating a tip easier: something that many programs have set out to do, but few have achieved.

Features of TipQwik include:

  • All data is tapped in or selected from dropdown lists. No writing required
  • After tapping in your bill, all calculations and options are on one screen
  • A built-in Suggested Tipping Chart assists you with the proper amount to tip
  • Easily splits bills for large or small parties
  • Allows selection of percentage tips or fixed amount tips
  • Only one file to load so maintenance is a breeze

An easy to use tip calculator for your Palm PDA.



TipQwik 1.0